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Why Adiloans

Technology Based
Approval Process

Adiloans focus on Technology driven innovative process to redefine the lending process. We have user friendly online and automated lending process to meet the requirement of borrowers of all strata of society. Use of technology helps us to process the requests early.

Loan in Overdraft
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In today’s business Environment, where cash flow plays significant role in business Growth, our loan which is also available in the form of Overdraft, is most suited loan product for them. This help them reducing their cost & optimising their resources.

Profile Based Loan

Our Lending process is purely technology driven. Instant Approval of loans like Payday loan, Group Loan, Invoice funding, Personal & Business Loan are the examples of loan product where we structure loan as per need & no collateral is required for such loans.


Loan eligibility has become very flexible and easy for all type of Borrowers, Particularly in case of group lending for corporate and women. Use of alternate data and Profile risk assessment tools have played significant role in redefining the traditional way of funding.


In India where women are deprived, discriminated and economically neglected by male dominated entrepreneurs, Adiloans has brought a very innovative loan product i.e. Saheli Loan in the form of Group Loan to help them in fulfilling their dream.


Adiloans believes in full automation & maximum eligibility along with low rate of interest, Transparent process & obvious pricing structure along with loan in form of credit lines ensure faith of our clients. Complete Lending process is user friendly.


We are available at following locations

  • Location:Noida Delhi Jalandhar
  • Phone:+91 7290090485
  • Email:info@adiloans.com

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